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Travel with the Tuaregs through the Sahara... and discover the silence


Desert Tours South Algeria


Combination 15 days Tour: 4wheeldrive and camels.

International Groupe:  3-8 persons.


Meeting the Tuaregs... and travel like nomads; a 15 days desert tour to Ahnet & the Hoggar area.


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1 week by 4wheeldrive and 1 week with camels.. through sandy landscapes, rocks, mountains, small villages a magical desert experience!


Price: 2150 euro incl. flightticket from Paris-Tamanrasset  (please contact us for other airports)


National Park Tassili N' Ajjer'


Price: 15 days 2250 euro all in. (flighttickets from Paris f.e.)

Small groups: 3-9 persons

Combination 4 wheeldrive, cameltrip and walkings.

Contact us for traveldates and travel with your own groupe.


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Experience life in the desert during a visit at a campement in the mountains. Feel the rhythm riding on a camel. Go through the experience of endless plains of sand. Be surprised by the variety of the landscapes with rocks and oases.


Discover walking through the desert the age-old drawings curved in the rocks and see the tifinagh symbols. These are characters of the written language of the tuareg nomads.


During this voyage (many nomads have made before us) we’ll stay in the so called: “Thousand bright stars” hotel. We’ll bake bread in the sand en cook our meal at the campfire. And we’ll learn about the desert tea ritual.


At the trip, a workshop 'Rockpainting' is optional. You can make your own rockpainting on hardboard with natural colour pigments like indigo. 



New! Sahara-Art-Venture also sells leather products and jewellery made by the "Inaden", the blacksmith-clan of the Tuareg. Part of the sale is to support nomads. E-mail for information and prices.


Visit the webshop: Tuareg-Jewelry



For more information about flight tickets, individual voyages, conditions and booking, mail to: Sahara-Art-Venture.