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Tuareg Jewelry



In southern Algeria, the Tuaregs live, as in Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Libya. A culture where the men wear veils and women not. Their own language is Tamahac or Tamachec and their writing is called Tifinagh. In addition, they speak French and Arabic.


The Nomad Project


Sahara-Art-Venture sells leather products made by Tuaregwomen and jewelry made by the "Inaden", the silversmith-clan of the Tuareg.


Part of the sale is for the Nomad Project to support the nomads. Sahara-Art-Venture visit nomads and brings basic medication like paracetamol, and clothes for the children in the wintermonths.


E-mail for information and prices or join Sahara-Art-Venture on Facebook where you can see and buy from a special collection of the jewelry.


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