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Djanet-National Park "Tassili N'Ajjer"



  • Prehistoric rockpaintings in the National Park Tassili N"Ajjer, Unesco heritage


Transports: by foot, by camel and by Toyota 4wheeldrive.



  • 15 or 22 days


Number of participants

  • Min. 3 - Max. 9 participants



  • € 2250 for 15 days
  • € 2795 for 22 days


Incl. flighttickets Paris- Djanet - Paris.



  • Transport in South-Algeria, like the 4wheeldrive and camelcaravan
  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • Services of local guides, drivers, a cook, guides
  • Hotel at arrival
  • Use of small tents, matrasses and blankets
  • Breakfast, lunch and diners
  • Permits for National Park Tassili N'Ajjer


We take always a satellitephone with us during the trip.



  • Costs of travel visa
  • Travelinsurance
  • Tips for the local employees, about 5 euro for camelmen,cook,guide.




Workshop materials included, €65. For those who do not opt for the workshop: walks are organised by local guides.





  • At day time temperatures in these period are around 20 till 28 degrees
  • The climat is dry, the air pure and healthy
  • The nights can be cold, a warm sleeping-bag is recommended
  • Tip! Click on Djanet for the actual temperature.


For more information mail to: Sahara-Art-Venture.