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Tamanrasset-Hoggar-Ahnet National Park


Travel information


We are working on the day by day programme!

  • Camel and 4wheeldrive combinationtrip
  • Prehistoric rockpaintings (Unesco heritage)
  • Visiting a tuareg encampment & village Workshop "Rockpaintings" (optional)


Transports: by camel and toyota 4wheeldrive. Price 2250 € 15 days


Tea in Tahifet



  • 15 or 22 days


Number of participants

  • Min. 3 Max. 9 participants


Tuareg camp in the Hoggarmountains



  • € 2150 for 15 days
  • € 2795 for 22 days


Price incl. flighttickets Paris-Tamanrasset-Paris (contact us for other airports)


Book your trip here: Deserttour Reservation


Near Tanguet in the Hoggar region



  • Flighttickets
  • Transport in South-Algeria, like the 4x4 terrain-cars
  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • Services of local guides, drivers, a cook, guide
  • Overnight stays
  • Use of small tents, matrasses and blankets
  • Breakfast, lunch and diners
  • Administration costs (visa procedure)


We always take a satellite phone with us during the trip.



  • Costs of your visa
  • Travel insurances
  • Tips for the local employees (about 5 euro per guide/cook/camelman 




For those who do not opt for the workshop: walks are organised by the guide.



Sunset at the mountain Assekrem




The climat is dry, the air pure and healthy. Look here for todays temperature in Tamanrasset.


For more information mail to: Sahara-Art-Venture.


Tassili Hoggar